Thank you!

In an effort to stay on top of the ever changing Covid-19 landscape we are continuing to offer and implement new services to keep everybody as safe as possible. At this time, we request that clients remain in their vehicle upon arrival at the clinic for your appointment. Simply call us to let us know you are here and sit back and relax, our concierge team will come to your vehicle, gather a brief history and then personally escort your pet into the clinic for needed services. Our doctor team will call you to discuss questions and findings over the phone and then proceed with any treatments your pet may need. We will then deliver the pet back to the vehicle.

We are also offering telemedicine consults for situations that qualify. At this time we need to have seen the animal physically within the past 12 months and also be providing help for conditions which we can gather adequate information via email or Facetime. There will be a $35 consult fee for this service and we are offering Paypal, Venmo or you can phone in a credit card payment, whichever is most convenient. Please contact us if you feel this option would benefit you or your pet and we can discuss it further.

Our focus at this time is to keep access to veterinary care available and accessible while also protecting our clients and staff. We, like everybody else, wish none of this was real.We appreciate all of you patience and understanding.